Here is our Puppy Questionnaire : 


To obtain an ISSA Shiloh Shepherd puppy from us, you will need to do the following:

-Read our pup questionnaire and sales contract. 

-Fill out the pup questionnaire. This is what helps us decide if a Shiloh is right for your family, and if so, which temperament would be most suitable to your family. If you have preferences for gender, color, and coat type, please enter them here. Remember, the more preferences you have, the longer you may have to wait for your pup. Do let us know what your priorities are in a pup, but also let us know where you can be flexible, so you won't need to wait as long to get your pup. 

-Send a deposit,($500) which reserves a pup for you. Or, send full payment ($1800 for pet, pet upgradeable or $2500 breed quality with  co-ownership agreement) which reserves your position in the list of people waiting for a pup. Please note that pick positions sell out, expecially closer to a breeding/whelping.

-A note about pet vs. breed quality: We are striving, with the mentorship of our ISSA Registered Breeders to pair quality Shilohs which will enhance the future development of this wonderful breed. Pet quality puppies are not "inferior", but may have certain faults which preclude them to futher breeding. Usually, these faults would only be important to or noticed by a breeder. Such as: ear set/size, shoulder layback, coupling. The pups themselves carry the same endearing qualities as the breed quality pups- Intelligent, Beautiful and Loyal Family Friends!

-Full payment and contracts are due two weeks before the litter evaluation which is at 8 weeks of age and pups will be sent to thier new homes within three days following the evaluation. 

-Pups which are not picked up, or cannot be received within three days after the evauation, will be charged $25 per day board fee. 

-Shipping fees/ air fare will be paid by the buyer,We can also make arrangements for you to pick up your puppy from us in Victoria, B.C., if this is more convenient for you.