Our pups are $2000 for pet quality and $2700 Breed Quality.

How our pups are raised: 

Each litter of pups has been planned carefully. We are required to submit a breeding proposal to the ISSA Registry, to ensure all ISSA Shiloh litters are bred with the same goals of confident, friendly temperaments, Good health, and in keeping with our breed standard. 

Our "Mommy" dogs are only bred between the ages of 2 and 6, and are health tested for hips, DM, GSDIVA (heart) and have passed a temperament test to show they have stable, friendly temperaments. 

Our Sires are health and temperament tested in the same areas. 

At Shahayla Shilohs, we raise our pups to be house dogs. They live in our home, where they can experience daily life in a "people house". vacuum cleaners, television, pots and pans clanging, and visitors are all part of daily life before they head out into the big world at 8 weeks of age. 

Puppies are handled using the "Biosensor Early Neurological Stimulation Program" which has been shown to improve them in these areas: 

-better cardio vascular performance (heart rate) 

-stronger heart beats 

-stronger adrenal glands

-more tolerance to stress

-greater resistance to disease

-these pups also are more exploratory and solve problems easier than their non-stimulated littermates 

Information on the system can be found here: 


We have also added the Early Scent Introduction Program, which can help those dogs who will go on to do anything relating to the scent sense, such as diabetic scenting, search and rescue, obedience trials etc. More information on this system can be found here: 


The pups are given preventative medicines at prescribed intervals to treat and prevent issues such as worms, coccidiosis, skin/ ear pests giardia,etc. They have their first vaccinations at 7 weeks, and will be checked over by our veterinarian at that time. You must continue this care with the guidance of your veterinarian. Vaccinations are usually complete by 15 weeks, and until then, the puppy should not be exposed to premises know or suspected to be contaminated , or to unhealthy animals (dog parks, floors of vet offices, or any place with a lot of dog traffic) You  have 3 business days from recieving your pup to have him/her inspected by a licensed veterinarian , to establish a health baseline. You pup will also have a microchip inserted at the back of the neck.

When the pups are 8 weeks of age, they go through a Litter Evaluation which assesses each pup in a variety of areas such as Sociability, Submission, prey drive, etc. This report is used to help determine the best pup for each home environment. More can be found on this evaluation here:


Your puppy will go home with :

Health and Hip Guarantee (found under the "forms" tab on our website" 

one month free health insurance with Trupanion 

Medical Record 

First Vaccinations and worming


food sample 


Bo 30d

Shiloh pup at 4 weeks of age